Specialist Training Courses

Specialist Training Courses are post-graduate advanced courses, which respond to the need for professional fresher and retraining courses or in-depth cultural courses in a number of study sectors.

At the end of the course, students are issued with a certificate of participation, specifying the number of university credits (CFUs) obtained.

The course aims to:

  • train professional figures who can go on and find work opportunities in a variety of public and private organisations that manage policies designed to prevent or combat violence or that interact with women who have been victims of domestic violence (hospitals, health and social care, social services, anti-violence centres, shelters, associations);
  • strengthen the skills of those that already work to prevent and combat gender-based violence.

The course is mainly targeted at:

  • first- and second-level graduates and graduands, particularly those graduating in Political and Social Sciences, Psychology, Law, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Economics and Educational Sciences, who aspire to work in people services and human resources;
  • professionals who wish to strengthen their skills with regards to the battle against violence towards women and children.

The cross-discipline teaching programme, delivered by university lecturers and experts in their field, is designed to ensure that participants can acquire professional skills and adequate tools for analysis and interventions.