The main objective of the Department of Sociology and Social Research’s PhD programmes is to contribute to the post-graduate education of Italian and international students interested in research. However, PhD programmes are also designed to offer a high-level route towards production, social and scientific opportunities in Italy and around the world. PhD Students are accepted onto courses following an application process open to all candidates in possession of old-style Degrees, Specialist Degrees, Master’s Degrees or a suitable academic qualification obtained abroad.

Every PhD course features a specific programme of study, established as part of a shared teaching plan designed to enable the communal management of educational proposals. Every programme aims to develop the knowledge and ability of students with regard to the standard research paradigms and methods in their chosen discipline, maintaining a constant focus on opportunities for cross-discipline learning.

Important networks with European and non-European Universities have been created and continue to be developed, as part of international agreements signed by each PhD Student. As well as the title of PhD, students can also obtain the title of “Doctor Europaeus” if they fulfil certain criteria.