Studying abroad

The most famous international study programmes are associated with the following schemes:

  • Erasmus+ Study;
  • Erasmus+ Traineeships.

Visit the relevant page for more information on international mobility programmes.

For more information on destinations, visit the section website or browse the attached brochure (Please note: in order to log into the website you will need to log in using your University email address).



The Bicocca University Angels are part of the Welcome Desk project designed to provide orientation to incoming and outgoing students during their period of international mobility. All students interested in the University’s international mobility programmes can contact their Department Angels for more general information and further details on applications.

The University’s Administration Council has launched the brand-new EXCHANGE Extra-UE Mobility programme.
The aim of the programme is the acquisition of CFUs for study plans in the following areas:

  • research for theses for Master’s Degrees and Single Cycle Master’s Degrees being jointly overseen with higher education institutions, research centres and NGOs outside of the EU;
  • a placement/traineeship/internship abroad for a period of between one and six months.

Some Courses of Study in the Department benefit from special relationships with foreign Universities and therefore result in the awarding of a Double Degree: