Continuing Training Courses

Continuing Training is now a key part of the missions of many of the leading academic institutions in Italy, in response to the constant demand for knowledge and for continued educational activities expressed by many sectors.

The Continuing Training Courses organised by the University of Milano-Bicocca are specifically designed to accommodate a range of educational requirements and ensure comprehensive preparation for both entry into the world of work and – above all – the development of existing skills. The offering is split into different types of courses and also includes conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops and study days.

The course aims to:

  • provide a framework of knowledge, part theoretical and part practical, which is relevant to the world of institutional politics. More specifically, the objective of the course is to help women establish themselves and enter into public life and decision-making environments, both nationally and locally, in decision-making assemblies, councils and consultation committees – spaces where women are usually in the minority.

The course is mainly targeted at:

  • candidates in possession of their secondary school leavers’ diploma.