Visiting scholars

The Department of Sociology and Social Research welcomes academics to apply to our international programmes to become a:

  • Visiting scholar (professor/researcher): an academic can apply to become a visiting professor or researcher, provided they intend to stay at the Department at least for two months for teaching and/or research activities;
  • Erasmus professor/researcher: an Erasmus professor/researcher is an academic who teaches at the Department as part of an EU agreement.

Multilateral meetings with international academics are also encouraged in order to promote exchange programmes, joint projects and teaching activities.

During their stay, the visiting scholar should contribute actively to research and learning activities. Publications which have been made possible thanks to their stay at the Department of Sociology and Social Research at the University of Milano-Bicocca should acknowledge this.

At the end of their time with the Department, the visiting scholar will receive an official certificate acknowledging their work at the Department.

How to apply

Visiting scholars can apply by sending a formal letter to the Director, Professor Giampaolo Nuvolati, to Professor Marina Calloni, the Chairperson for International Programmes and Erasmus Coordinator and to one of the Faculty members, specifying: their reason for wanting to come, the title of research to be conducted here, if applicable, and their length of stay.

They must also attach their CV and the form below.


Facilities provided to visiting scholars include:

  • a desk with a computer and a printer
  • access to the library
  • access to the canteen and other services provided to University staff
  • option to book a room in the guest accommodation.

The University of Milano-Bicocca will cover third-party liability insurance but does not provide cover for individual injuries.

A Faculty member will serve as a contact person for the visiting scholar for any information they may need.