Interdepartmental research centres

ABCD - Centro interdipartimentale per gli studi di genere dell’Università di Milano-Bicocca (University of Milano-Bicocca Interdepartmental Centre for Gender Studies)

The Interdepartmental Centre for Gender Studies (ABCD) has been operating within the University for several years. The Department of Sociology and Social Research (DSRS) is responsible for the administration and scientific direction of the Centre.

ABCD’s objective is to contribute to the promotion and popularisation of gender studies, with a particular focus on analysing the ways in which gender differences, inequalities, dynamics and relations are expressed in cultures and societies.

There are 12 Departments involved in ABCD:

  • Department of Physics “Giuseppe Occhialini”;
  • Department of Economics Management and Statistics;
  • Department of Law;
  • Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication;
  • Department of Mathematics and its Applications;
  • Department of Psychology;
  • Department of Materials Science;
  • Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences;
  • Department of Business and Law;
  • Department of Human Sciences for Education “Riccardo Massa”;
  • Department of Sociology and Social Research;
  • Department of Statistics & Quantitative Methods.

Contact Person: Professor Elisabetta Ruspini



CISEPS - Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics, Psychology & Social Sciences

The aim of the Centre is to contribute to the advancement of Social Sciences through cross-discipline research activities focusing on the improvement of explanatory and predictive capabilities of models in Economics, Psychology, Sociology and Social Sciences in general.

CISEPS members are academics who work across all fields of Social Sciences and contribute to the objectives of the Centre.

Contact person: Professor Luca Stanca



UniData - Bicocca Data Archive

UniData is an Interdepartmental Centre launched thanks to collaboration between the Departments of Sociology and Social Research, Statistics & Quantitative Methods, Economics Management and Statistics, Informatics, Systems and Communication, Psychology, Human Sciences for Education and Law.

Its aim is to produce cross-discipline, comparative scientific research by creating an institutional network of archive data from across all socio-economic fields, developing secondary analyses and devising cross-discipline empirical research projects.

Contact person: Professor Sonia Stefanizzi